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One Sociable App
For All Social Platforms

All Social Platforms as One

Machinat integrates all the social media as a new app platform. Thus a sociable app can serve features as a real person in the social network.

Currently support:
More in the future:

Webview in Chat

Serve amazing features in a cross-platform webview.

Declarative Chat UI

Make messages, actions, pauses in one JSX view.

UI Component

Modularize chat UI and reuse them with ease.

Dialog Script

Program dynamic chat flows in codes.

Dialog as a Module

Reuse chat flows to build complicated dialogs.


Make the best UI/UX on every platform.

Easy and Fast

Init app in 1 command. Start developing in 1 minute.

And More ...

  • 100% open-sourced.
  • Pure programming solution.
  • Elegant DI system.
  • Manage chat state with ease.
  • Use any intent recognition service.
  • Reactive programming styled workflow.
  • Progressive and extensible design.
  • Get Started Today