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Interface CallbackGameEvent

New incoming callback query from a game button


Check official reference.






  • EventObject<"postback", "callback_game">
  • EventBase
  • CallbackBase
  • CallbackGame
    • CallbackGameEvent



botId: number
callbackQuery: any

Callback query object.

category: "postback"
channel: null | TelegramChat

The chat channel. It's null if the callback is triggered by an inline message

chatInstanceId: string

Global identifier, uniquely corresponding to the chat to which the message with the callback button was sent. Useful for high scores in games.

gameShortName: string

Short name of a Game to be returned, serves as the unique identifier for the game

inlineMessageId?: string

Identifier of the message sent via the bot in inline mode, that originated the query.

message?: any

Message with the callback button that originated the query. Note that message content and message date will not be available if the message is too old

platform: "telegram"
queryId: string

Unique identifier for this query

type: "callback_game"
updateId: string

The update's unique identifier. Update identifiers start from a certain positive number and increase sequentially. This ID becomes especially handy if you're using Webhooks, since it allows you to ignore repeated updates or to restore the correct update sequence, should they get out of order. If there are no new updates for at least a week, then identifier of the next update will be chosen randomly instead of sequentially.


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