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Welcome! In this tutorial, you'll make your first sociable app with Machinat.

Machinat framework is designed to build cross-platform, production-ready and feature-rich apps on chat platforms. We have some revolutionary tools to make UI/UX in chat. This course will bring you through them by making a real-world app.

What will we build?

We'll make a Todo app with basic CRUD operations. Users can manage their todos in the chatroom, through a conversation or a webview. The app will finally look like this:


You can find the completed example codes here.


You can choose which chat platform to use in the tutorial. Please select the chosen platform if you see these tabs in the lessons:

A cross-platform app is perfectly supported, but we recommend beginning with one platform for the first time.


This tutorial assumes you are familiar with TypeScript syntax and JavaScript ES6 features.

If it's your first time developing with TypeScript, we recommend using VS Code as editor to have full types support.

System Requirement